Anoop Desai ‘My Name’ debut album

Anoop Desai My Name

Anoop Desai, The American Idol contestant, is ready to launch his debut single “My Name”.
“‘My Name’ was influenced by my Indian cultural background.” “It’s a pop record, but definitely influenced by a Bollywood feel,” he told

My name was released on March 23, 2010 and his debut album, All is Fair, is set to release on May 4, 2010.

‘My Name’ has a double meaning. On one hand, it’s a response to kids that used to make fun of my name when I was little. I wanted my first contribution to be something that said, ‘Hey, my name is now cool, not something to be ashamed of’

“It’s also about false bravado. Each song on the “All is Fair” album describes a mindset or a time in my life. My Name is about going to a club and trying to act like a big deal. Really, that mentality stems from some lack of confidence, but I think we’ve all done it at some point.”

The popular AI contestant has already performed his single at Malan Breton’s Bolly-wood inspired fashion show during NYC’s Fashion Week as Breton showed off his Fall 2010 collection. So far, he has received very positive response to his song, “My Name”.

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