is showing their ads! is showing their ads!

I put Fast online users counter code in my site and it was working fine. Some days later i found out that there is one ad being displayed on my site, I was worried that its not from me because I never edited the site with any ad.


When I refreshed it several times, I found out that the ad is no longer showing, I ignored it , but It was showing again the next time I visited the site. I couldn’t find out why is the ad showing for no reason in my site. I contacted my host’s supported they couldn’t do anything because there was nothing new in the source code of my site.


Some days later I was checking my site in firefox browser from Google, I checked properties of that page and found out that the ad is loading from’s script code. So I removed their code and I am thinking of using my own online user counter script or some new one.


So guys don’t use Fastonlineusers Online User Counter Code, as they will show their own ads and don’t care about you and your site. Stay away from Freebies like the one Free Online users counter are providing.


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