FishVille Ad Violation, Zynga’s game Goes offline

Facebook took the newest game by Zynga offline, when they found the violation of their Ad policy in the game. Now, they are trying to talk things over with Facebook and do their best to make the game back online.

Their ads clearly violate Facebook’s Policy, and Zynga seems like does not care about it’s visitors. If this is the attitude, no doubt there will be more than 1 groups that say Don’t send me Farmville requests. Many users have blocked farmville as they dont want to be farmers, and really don’t want to waste their time to on online flash game.

The company makes a total of $39M per year, and the revenue will increase because the games like FarmVille, and other -Ville games are getting famous and people are getting addicted to them. Although, these games do not help and are taking people’s time and kid’s dont’ do their homework and get on Facebook to play Games by Zynga.

Zynga has put their game ads inside their other games, so they can get other users to join new games and this strategy has been used by other Game Developers as well. Texas Hold’Em is the most visited game by Zynga, but Farmville will cross it, as more people are getting addicted daily.

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