Free Rapidshare Accounts

Free Rapidshare Accounts

I am sure many of your are looking for free rapidshare accounts and searching everywhere but can’t find a FREE Rapidshare premium account. Well, what you might be finding is a rapidshare file containing logins to many free accounts but when you got a chance to check them out, none of them worked..


Therefore if you want to download a movie or something else from rapidshare, you need a rapidshare premium account, which you won’t find for free, but you can get a rapidshare account with a little effort.


There are sites like fbox, that offer free stuff to members who complete their offers, but they DO take a lot of time. I tried one of them and got my free rapidshare account after a long time.


There are also sites like bux, and many more that offer money for viewing sites, you can try that and get your own rapidshare account.


GoodLuck in getting one Free account!

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13 thoughts on “Free Rapidshare Accounts

  1. this website really does give you free money it’s not a fake and they make money for advertising so that’s how they can give away money and the lowest you can take out is $10 unlike other ones i just strarted this i was referred by a friend he told me it works good so i thought i would share so enjoy and check out my website i got alot of album for download there and other things like computer games so enjoy 🙂

  2. this accounts just arrived!!,be the first!!

    Fresh Accounts 100% Working!! 😉

  3. I read similar article also named Free Rapidshare Accounts, and it was completely different. Personally, I agree with you more, because this article makes a little bit more sense for me

  4. here rapidshare premium account,valid till 2009: /files/120478115/

    hurry,before link broken….

  5. My personal list of free premium rapidshare accounts. They were all verified today. /files/121179002/free_premium_rapidshare_accounts.doc

  6. My personal list of free premium rapidshare accounts. They where all verified today. files/121179002/free_premium_rapidshare_accounts.doc

  7. Do not! change the pass please files/108858043/rapidshare_premium_alc_2008.rar

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