Geocities finally shut down by Yahoo!

Geocities Closes 2009

On October 27,2009 , none of the Geocities.Com websites were accessible by anyone. Users were given the following message

Sorry, the GeoCities web site you were trying to reach is no longer available.
GeoCities has closed, but there’s a lot more to explore on Yahoo!

Yahoo already notified it’s users that they will be closing the service in Late October, and they did. It seems like all DMOZ and Yahoo Directory listings for Geocities will have to be removed. Geocities is ranked top 200 websites as of today by Alexa, but they will go down even more since not many people will visit Geocities as it’s dead.

Geocities was a way to get your own homepage when the internet started, and I can remember, I had my first website on Geocities, and it’s really sad that it has been shut down. Although, if you are still wanting to create your first site, dont’ worry, there are plenty of Geocities alternatives.

Alternatives for Geocities.

  • Get a free blog from Blogger.Com (Google Owned) or WordPress.Com
  • Sign up under 110mb.Com

Blogs are getting more popular than websites these days, so it is a good idea to go for a blog if you are just starting out. You won’t have to worry about linking other pages, and it will automatically create links to your other posts, which can be considered as website pages.

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