Google’s Logo Sesame Street’s Character

Sesame Street's Earnie Bert and ElmoSesame Street is still the show that is there after 40 years. Google has seem to be celebrating with them. Everyday Google has a new logo with sesame street character and linked to sesame street keyword. Over the few past days, Google has sent SesameStreet.Org send lots of free traffic and there servers are surely running out of bandwidth. My favorite logo was Elmo from Sesame Street. was ranked 11,445, according to Alexa Internet Rankings, and now it shows a huge strike and it has gone into the top 2000 websites most viewed websites in the world. It seems like Google is giving some free traffic, which every webmaster wants.

Although, as I visit Google Homepage everytime, I expect to see something new, and seeing the same search term for a few days makes me wonder if Google team forgot to update the homepage. I am sure most visitors also feel the same way.

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