How to get the old Facebook back?

How to get the Old Facebook Back?

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Update: Dec 15, 2011
Once you have switched to New Timeline, there is no way you can go back to OLD Facebook.

Dec 07, 2010
Yes, there is a way to go back to old Facebook 🙂

Follow these Steps to get OLD FB Back:

    Log into your Facebook Account.
    Click on “Account” (Top Right), Click on “Account Settings”, and under “Deactivate Account” click “deactivate”.
    After your account has been deactivated.
    Log back in after 10 minutes, and you should have the old Facebook.
    So basically, deactivating it for at least 10 minutes can get you your Old facebook back

If it worked for you, change your FB status to help others
” Go back to OLD FACEBOOK – ”

Credit: Umar

Updated: Dec 06, 2010
If you have already upgraded your Facebook Profile to New profile, you may be out of luck. According to Facebook FAQs, you cannot return to the previous version. You have to take a tour of the new version, and stick with it. Please join our FB group to get your voice heard.

Updated: 2009

None of the ways work now, and there is no way to get the old Facebook back. Since the “new” has been removed from Facebook’s homepage and now new Facebook is the only Facebook.

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121 thoughts on “How to get the old Facebook back?

  1. thank you very much 🙂

    if its not working for you, make sure you add the Facebook Developers application AND THEN click the first link.

  2. Erm, you realise the “You are about to go to another site” is a security measure so that you don’t enter your password on a new site that someone’s set up to look like Facebook to steal your password? Myspace does the same.

    I hardly think Facebook would have let you post links and stories if it didn’t want you to visit them. It’s not all a conspiracy, you know.

  3. It does work if you use an old firefox. If i use Firefox 1.5 and I switch back to the old one it is still the old one but if I use Firefox 2.x or Flock then it always switch back to the new one!

  4. It worked for me even if I don’t have Firefox; wonderfull !!!
    People at Facebook should listen to their members; if it was’nt for us, they would not be where they are now…so we should have the choice to choose wich Facebook layouts we want.

  5. thanks alot man i was gonna delete my account but you saved my facebook. I told my friends too so thanks very much

  6. Thank you so much!! I really detest the new facebook and when I accidentally clicked “try it” it didn’t give me the choice this time of changing back!! You got me back home now and I can enjoy it until it is changed permanently. Wish they would just leave it alone

  7. i don’t understand the first way….which is the link you are talking about to be pasted? where should i paste the link?
    on the website address? or next to my email address.
    i’ve tried the second and third way…but still it didn’t work 🙁

  8. it’s not working anymore…. I think they finally changed it for good. >:(

    “All the time, it was… We finally really did it.
    You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!”

    (Planet of the Apes ending)

  9. It worked for me Sunday, but it’s Tuesday and I tried every link hoping it would work but it was to no avail. I think we’re permanent, folks, *defeated sigh*.

  10. That last site where you have to add the application was the only one that worked for me.. But thanks so much! The new facebook is horrible!

  11. i hated the new facebook..
    and when my facebook change complety ..
    i was so upset x| , even i didn’t log in in a while,
    but know that is the only facebook i’ll have
    i learn to use it ..
    and it’s really more fun that old facebook xD
    try using it..

  12. LOL, New facebook is here now, and it’s not possible to change it back! —- it! Lets all leav as many feedbacks about how much it sucks so that they might get a hint;)

  13. None of these ways are working for me now. The third way worked for a little while, but then Facebook switched me back to the new one again. 🙁

  14. The new facebook is waaaaayyy better than the old one.. all of u who want the old facebook back are just ignorant and a bunch of losers…

  15. All the links have stopped working.
    Yesterday they worked for me,
    but i just checked everything, and its still new fb.

  16. Doesn’t work for people living in Bangladesh I guess because it is NOT working for mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. it’s not working anymore. i keep getting the new one and ive tried all the links. AHHHHH!!! I hate the new facebook.

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