How to tag friends in Facebook Pictures?

How to tag friends in Facebook Pictures?

I have been getting questions from people on how do you tag your friends in photos, so I decided to write this tutorial just for you. This Step by Step Guide on How to tag your friends in Facebook Pictures, and How to upload those Facebook Tags, and tag friends in them.


1)First you need a picture to get tag your friends pictures, and download them to your computer. (Don’t worry I got all those)
Go to Tag your Friends Pictures, and choose any picture that you like.
2)Right click on the picture and click “Save Image As” and save it to your desktop.
3)Go to Facebook Photos and you will be taken to login screen, so Log in
4) There will be few options such as

Album Name: Tags (or give it any other name you want like “photos”)
Location: (Leave it blank)
Description: (Leave it blank)
Privacy: Leave it to Everyone (Unless you don’t want other than your friends to see these pictures, change it to friends only)

5) Next, you will be taken to page where either Java will start to load, or you will get browse page, depending on what do you get, click on browse or select pictures from your DESKTOP that you just downloaded, and click upload.

6) When it says upload successful, click ok, and you will be redirected to the next page.

Under Caption, write Whatever you want, few examples can be “Tags” “Facebook Pictures“fun facebook game” etc.

7)Click save changes, and you will get a message,
Unpublished Photos
There are photos which have not yet been published to your profile or to News Feed.

Now you will be taken to your profile, where you can see the most recent picture(s) you uploaded, click on them, and now you will need to tag your friends.
8) On the right hand side, just beside the comments column, you will see these 4 options

Tag This Photo > (Click on Tag this photo)
Edit This Photo
Delete This Photo
Make Profile Picture

Now, you mouse pointer will become a Plus sign, and picture will be on the first screen, click anywhere on the picture,
a box will be made, either type your friends name, or choose him/her from the list.
After you choose him/her, their name will be added to the bottom of the picture with heading

In this photo: (Your friend’s name here)

9)  Now click anywhere else on the picture, and choose friends and tag them the same way. When you done tagging all your friends in one picture,  click

Tag for yourself saved.
You can continue to tag the photo below.
When you are done, click the “Done Tagging” button (as below)

How to tag friends in Facebook Pictures

10)Congratulations, your friends are now tagged in the picture, and move on to the next picture and do the same as above (tag them) and wait for them to comment and watch out your notifications.

You can find all other tag friends photos in the facebook category of this blog.

Have fun tagging your friends.

If you liked my tutorial, comment on my post and let me know if you still have problems tagging your friends, and make sure to become our fan on facebook for tag friends updates, for facebook page, see the right sidebar.

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