Rapidshare.Com is down?

Update: June 29, 2010
Every page shows a blank white page, it is most likely that server is rebooting for Rapidshare, and it will be back online. Stay tuned for updates!
Update, Rapidshare is now back online! 🙂

Rapidshare is Down

Update: August 26, 2009
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Yes, i can’t even reach rapidshare.com at the moment. Seems like its down here.

i guess most of you are having the same problems….i thought they had some quality servers but looks like i am wrong..

Well anyways, lets wait for Rapidshare to come back online..

Everyone is outraged and wants rapidshare to come back online..its taking lots of time..

To me it looks like they are working on their servers, thats why its not responding at the moment.

Rapidshare is one of the top viewed websites, and is down today!

Lets hope it comes back online! its not working for me!

All rumors were wrong about Rapidshare being shut down..
Well, its back now..no worries!!

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14 thoughts on “Rapidshare.Com is down?

  1. i think rapidshare.com is not coming back! i heard a rumor that rapidshare.com was seized from germany and hundreds of servers! Im not totally sure if its true but if it it: rapidshare is Over!

  2. I believe it was just a dns server error as the home IP of rapidshare.com worked while the domian didn’t

  3. Down today. Pain in the cunt. Why do people use it in the first place? Even Zshare is better.

  4. My personal list of free premium rapidshare accounts. They were all verified today.


  5. hi is it down again ? it seems that they had some problems last week but it did not take that long any way could u confirm if it is down

  6. yeah still down, tryin to acces from the uk, better get back up still 6 months on my account

  7. Rapidshare down again right now? I paid for a premium account, and now I can’t get my files. I need them for work!!

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