Youtube, Faster Than Ever

It seems like YouTube team has been working really hard, and now whenever you open a new YouTube video, it no longer buffers. Either they have upgraded their servers (I Doubt it) or modified the YouTube script even more for better performance. You now no longer have to wait for the whole video and it looks like there will be no buffering.
Faster YouTube

Already ranked 4th website in the world, after Google,Facebook and Yahoo, gets atleast 25% of world’s internet users, according to Alexa Ranking System. YouTube was purchased by Google, and since then, it has been growing and is now at a point, where no more promotion is required and it has user submitted content, so basically Google has to do nothing and just moderate and control the site.

Youtube started getting famous when Google purchased it and started showing it on top of results, as we know, Google is ranked 1 based on its traffic. Almost everyone uses Google and it was advantage for Google Owners as they took advantage to promote YouTube and succeeded. If it wasn’t for Google to show it on top for different queries, YouTube probably wouldn’t be as famous as it is today.

New changes, and functions are really making the very best video sharing website. This is a good move on making Youtube load faster.

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