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MSN Handwriting is an add-on for Messenger Plus! that will enable Ink Messages (drawing, handwriting) in MSN Messenger 6, just like InfoPen. Well, if you have already installed InfoPen, we would advise to switch to MSN Handwriting, because: it is only 2.5 MB big (compare to 18 MB of InfoPen), it has no 30-day trial period, and you don't see it running in background as it is just a normal plug-in for MsgPlus!

How to install? Steps:

Its very easy to install this addon. The one thing you really need is Messenger Plus! (and offcourse MSN Messenger :P). After you installed Messenger plus download MSN Handwriting . Once you downloaded MSN Handwriting install the files you downloaded (See the readme.txt).

How to use? Steps:

Its also very easy to use. Once installed open a conversation window. Now you will see under where you normally type your text some new buttons:
Msn Handwriting Screenshots
Choose the "Handwrite" button. Now you can start writing your messages!
Download MSN Handwriting now

This tool may be known as MSN Handwriting or Windows Live Handwriting in search engines. A new very good Messenger plus plugin has been released. With this addon you can write your messages!!