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Urdu MSN Nick Names

* Manhooso mujhe bhi msg kardo :@
* Wo ik sajda jisay to gara samaj ta hay
* Kaley Hain, Magar Dilwalay Hain
* Chat with me Twice a day, Every day
* i ll hack ur tears and ll give u password of simle
* I like to do the things which are impossible, and NOTHING is impossible so I do NOTHING
* If u need space join NASA baby!
* Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened
* Quaid ne Fermaya!!"Masroof to hoon Lakin acha lagna zaroori hai
* Every Raat In My Khuab I dEkh u I MehSooS u
* PagLi
* Aqal ke andhe ab msg bhy kar
* Wait karte karte overweight hogaye, Tum na aayi aur hum LATE hogaye
* Not Responding
* Hum App ke Msn mein Rehtey Hein
* Hum Aap Sab Ke Dil May Rehte Hain
* Aj (K) ka match (K) ke sath hai
* Chal oye nahin bolta Kia karlo ge
* kyu k bhoot bhi kabhi insan tha
* Chanta Laga
* Udher tum Idher hum
* Udher tum Idher Hum Beech Main Monitor
* Easy to weep for a Lost love Difficult to take care of so not to loose it
* When i was born.i was so surprised did'nt talk for a year and a half
* Prem Minister
* I don't want to become a burger, mein bunkabab hi theek hoon
* If eyes could kill, then I'm a serious killer
* Be happy while you're living, for you're a long time dead.
* Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up.
* Enjoy life. There's plenty of time to be dead.
* True friends stab you in the front.
* The question is not whether we will die, but how we will live.
* Wah kia raat hai ke sooraj hai nikla hua
* HuM HaiN PakistanI HuM ToU CheatengE Haan CheatengE
* Pakistan Zindabad .... Quaid e Azam ( Rs ) paindabad
* ZoR k! bAar!sH mAkEs mEE wUNdeR..., !z Th!S wAt dEy cALL taSTe dA tHUnDEr
* Pata Hai Ajj Kya hua? ... Pata Hai ...... Pata Hai...? .......Nahin Pata Na? ............... Mujhe Bhi Nahin Pata
* TuM kO dEkHa To KhAyAl AyA , pAgLoOn Ke StOcK mAiN nAyA MaAl AayA
* Tu Hai Wahaan Mein Hoon Yahaan Aur TandRustie Hai Wahaan Life Boy Hai Jahaan
* Aqal ke andhe ab msg bhy kar
* Hum Aap Sab Ke Dil May Rehte Hain
* Udher tum Idher hum
* Paktel.. kuinke dil to ek hai ..par gurdey to doon hain
* Kuin Kay Bhoot Bhi Kabhi Insan Tha
* Tang na karna mujhay Current laga doonga Bachooon
* Udher tum Idher Hum Beech Main Monitor
* True friends stab you in the front.
* Larkiyan offline hojain ..MAI AGAYA !
* Love is the passion of the soul and the strength of the sprit
* If ya smell what The Mom is cookin
* Sala Apun ko PHIR se pyar hogaya<
* PM only if u think ur important enuff to get my reply!!!
* PaPPooOo YaaR TaNg Na KeR!!!
* May i Knock Your heart?

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