9th wonder gods stepson

Released 2003 The year was 1994 when Nas dropped the timeless masterpiece "Illmatic". Since then Nas has been unable to capture the same essence featured on that classic album. The main reason comes in the form of Nas never being able to recapture that distinct early 90's sound through his production again. The likes of Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Q-Tip & Large Professor would never again grace a Nas album all at once, leaving many hearts broken forever. While one cannot expect Nas to go back and recreate the sounds of 1994, as Nas has moved on as an artist, one cannot help but think would it would sound like if Nas would indeed get similar production to the likes of those classic days. Well the wait is over for Nas fan's as Little Brother's very own 9th Wonder has single handily taken Nas back to his glory days with "God's Stepson". Amazingly, 9th is able to capture that surreal feeling of 1994 all over again with his luscious jazz filled, soulful production. It is amazing how 9th took Nas's effort from "God's Son" and remade it into something completely fresh and nostalgic at the same time. 9th is even able to take such mediocre tracks such as "Hey Nas", "Mastermind" and "I Can" and blow the originals away with his new renditions. While the more commercial, pop sounds of "Hey Nas" were anything but memorable on "God's Son", 9th's remake gives the track that distinct Hip-Hop vibe it needed. While some tracks such as "Get Down", "Made You Look" and "Last Real Nigga Alive" are nearly impossible to top, 9th does a great job of suiting each track's distinct nature. While 9th's remakes of "Get Down" and "Made You Look" are no where near its original, as no one could beat the original sample used on "Get Down" and "Made You Looks" raspy NYC vibe. But they still are a successful venture thanks to nice additions of vocal samples, which make them new entities themselves. "Thugz Mansion" is another showcasing of 9th's wondrous soulful vocal samples, giving the track a feeling that the original badly needed. 01. Get Down - Instrumental 02. The Cross - Instrumental 03. Made U Look - Instrumental 04. Last Real Nigga Alive - Instrumental 05. Zone Out - Instrumental 06. Hey Nas - Instrumental 07. I Can - Instrumental 08. Book Of Rhymes - Instrumental 09. Thugz Mansion - Instrumental 10. Mastermind - Instrumental 11. Warrior Song - Instrumental 12. Ether - Instrumental "Get Down" contains a sample from "You're a Friend of Mine" by The Meters "The Cross" contains a sample from "Beautiful Man of Mine" by Phyllis Hyman "Made U Look" outro contains a sample from "Broken Wing Bird" by The 5th Dimension "Last Real Nigga Alive" contains a sample from "Moves" by Doug Hammond "Hey Nas" contains a sample from "I'd Like To Be Baby To You" by Roberta Flack "I Can" contains a sample from "Break It Down" by Curtis Mayfield "Book Of Rhymes" contains a sample from "You'll Always Be Mine" by The Impressions "Thugz Mansion (NYC)" contains a sample from "It's Madness" by Marvin Gaye "Mastermind" contains a sample from "Scarborough Fair" by Sérgio Mendes "Revolutionary Warfare" contains a sample from "Let Me Make Love To You" by The O'Jays "Ether" contains a sample from "Hey, What's That You Say" by Brother To Brother

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