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The Listening is the debut album of North Carolina trio Little Brother. It was released in early 2003 on ABB Records. The album became a surprise word-of-mouth sensation among underground rap fans, despite its lack of promotion, guest appearances, or extensive distribution. The underlying theme of The Listening concerns the group's effort to engage their listeners on a deeper level, and their frustration at casual listeners who pay little attention to lyrics and content and simply want to hear a "hot song". The interludes are performed by the members of a fictional radio station called WJLR (Justus League Radio). On the last song called "The Listening", the group address the album's main theme head on, at one point abruptly stopping the song, exchanging dialogue concerning said song, and then restarting again, which in effect creates a song within a song. 01. Morning 02. Groupie Pt. II 03. For You 04. Speed 05. Whatever You Say 06. Make Me Hot 07. The Yo Yo 08. Shorty On The Lookout 09. Love Joint Revisited 10. So Fabulous 11. The Way You Do It 12. Roy Lee, Producer Extraordinaire 13. The Get Up 14. Away From Me 15. Nobody But You 16. Home 17. Nighttime Maneuvers 18. The Listening ABB Records

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