Amusement Park (Industry)

Money Talks America - Theme Park Industry
On this episode of Money Talks America, Sean Snaith dives into how the theme park industry is handling the current economic state. (2009)
The Amusement Park Industry: "New fantasies" | Innovation in industry talks week 2009: The Amusement Park Industry: "New fantasies"
The Defunctland vs. Rob Plays Future of the Theme Park Industry Debate
Kevin and Rob face off, debating progress vs. nostalgiacness in Disney parks! Buy Defucntland T-Shirts: Donate on Patreon:
Amusement park expert examines video of ride malfunction
When an amusement ride malfunctions, the investigation typically focuses on three possible causes, according to a local expert: ride responsibility, operator error or design/technical. Dennis...
10 FREAKIEST Amusement Park Accidents | TWISTED TENS #10
Six Flags, Disney World...summertime fun, for sure. But it sometimes seems that Death may enjoy these places even more than we do. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE ▻▻
IAE 2016 Recap - What's new in the amusement park industry?
Quick recap of the highlights of the 2016 International Attractions Expo held in Orlando, Florida.
Inside China's crowded amusement park industry
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Amusement Parks: The Pursuit of Fun (Full Episode) - Thrills, Chills, & Spills - 1997
Full episode of Thrills, Chills, & Spills' 'Amusement Parks: The Pursuit of Fun.' Well...almost full episode (the final few seconds of the episode didn't record). Check out the history of great...
Why We are Living in the Greatest Age of Amusement Parks
In an interview with Dennis Speigel from International Theme Park Services Inc, he talks about how theme parks are America's favorite pass time, and how the theme park industry is thriving...
Defunctland Promo: Kevin vs. Rob Plays - The Future of the Theme Park Industry
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