Be Safe Around Trains

Dumb Ways to Die
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April Fools Ways to Die
Do not set your dad on fire - a message from Metro. Also, be safe around trains.
BE SAFE AROUND TRAINS - Dumb Ways To Die #1 - DoubleC Squared
one of my best videos tbh.
Dumb Ways to Die - Avoid running in the station
To our Metro Melbourne fans, remember to be safe around trains this Winter and keep warm.
Dumb Ways to Die - Melbourne International Film Festival
Metro Trains is proudly supporting the Melbourne International Film Festival. Please remember to be safe around trains over the festival period. Don't forget to take the pledge at
Dumb Ways to Die - Official Karaoke Edition
Thanks everyone for watching Dumb Ways to Die! Here's a karaoke version so you can sing along - or make up your own words if you're feeling creative. Have fun! (And be safe around trains.)...
Be Safe Around Trains
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Safety Tips SAFETY AROUND TRAINS It's a good idea to arrive at your station earlier than your timetabled service to give you enough time to touch on and board your train safely. Spread out...
BE SAFE AROUND TRAINS Dumb ways to die #1