Belly Dance (Dance Style)

How to Do Hip Lifts & Basic Shimmy | Belly Dancing
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Types of Belly Dance
A short video covering some of the most popular/well known styles of belly dance. Guys don't yell at me if you do a certain style and what's on the video is slightly different, given artistic...
Alia Mohamed - Vintage Style Belly Dance
Los Angeles based dancer Alia performs a vintage style belly dance piece in the Ruby Revue show at the House of Blues in Dallas. Music - George Abdo - Raks Layali el Charrk ----
Alia - Vintage Style Belly Dance
Los Angeles based dancer Alia performs a vintage style belly dance with the Ruby Revue at the House of Blues. Music: Mkhtarat Wahab by Ferqat Al Tooras Orchestra ---
She is Performing Pure Ancient Indian Style Mixed With Belly Dance
She looks pure ancient Indian dancer her costume, movement technique, dance, hand movement ▽ Stay Connected !!! ▽ Facebook -- Instagram --...
Belly Dance Compilation ( Indian Style )
Hot Belly Dancing Indian Actress. Belly Dance has evolved to take many different forms depending on the country and region, both in costume and dance style.
The different belly dance styles and costumes.wmv
Heya people :D This is just a quick vid exsplaining all about the diffrent belly dance styles :D Enjoy.
Anusha Hegde - Sublime (Belly Dance Fusion)
A beautiful blend of belly dance and Indian style choreographed and danced by Anusha Hegde. Track : Manmohini Morey - Yuvvraj (Shankar Tucker Cover) (ft. Aditya Rao & Ajay Ravichandran)
The Most Beautiful Belly Dance Music ("Yearning" by Raul Ferrando)
I LOVE IT!!! T-T is incredible.
Princess Farhana Golden Age Egyptian Style Belly Dance
Princess Farhana pays homage the glamour of the Egyptian Golden Age belly dance style in a fantasy performance at Tribal Fest 13. Music: "Leyla" by Farid El Atrache . For info on Princess...