Blue Jeans Cable

Blue Jeans Cable - Review (Analog, Digital, Speaker)
Blue Jeans Speaker - Blue Jeans Signal - Blue ...
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Watch Kurt Denke from Blue Jeans Cable take you through the A-Z of HDMI cables!
AudioQuest vs. Blue Jeans vs. Monster vs. Generic RCA Cable Shootout
If you want to jump to particular cable here is the timeline, 0:33 Generic RCA 4:33 Monster Interlink 250 8:33 Blue Jeans Cable LC1 12:33 AudioQuest ...
The Making of an Audio Cable
Just wanted to show you how we build our LC-1 audio cable assemblies- perhaps a few helpful hints for those of you who have purchased from our DIY site ...
Blue Jean Cables Monster Wall
Listen to Kurt Denke from Blue Jeans cable explain the Monster Wall.
A Ramble on My Favorite Source for Audio Cable
OK, this vid is kind of long and rambling ... sorry! Anyway, this vid covers the general topic of audio cabling a bit, and then specifically touches on a cable vendor ...
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Comparing the Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 with the Monoprice Premium RCA Cable.
Blue Jeans Cable BJC Ten White first look
A quick look at the BJC Ten White speaker cables - 2 x 3m terminated cables with banana locks.
Can audio cables make a difference? I test Blue Jeans Cable against generic crappy audio cables.
In this video I strike at the heart of the audiophile's soul, I talk about cables and their voodoo! Okay in actuality I test out my crappy cable against some good Blue ...