Buster Keaton

Best of Buster Keaton's stunts
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Buster Keaton - The Art of the Gag
Before Edgar Wright and Wes Anderson, before Chuck Jones and Jackie Chan, there was Buster Keaton, one of the founding fathers of visual comedy.
Some of Buster Keaton's most amazing stunts
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Buster Keaton - College [1927 - Athlete]
Film: Buster Keaton - College (1927) College is a 1927 comedy-drama silent film directed by James W. Horne and Buster Keaton, and starring Keaton, Anne ...
Buster Keaton - One Week (1920) Silent film
A newly wedded couple attempts to build a house with a prefabricated kit, unaware that a rival sabotaged the kit's component numbering. Directors: Edward F.
1920 Convict 13 Buster Keaton
Buster Keaton's Best Chase Scene Ever
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Safety Last! Famous Scene
Harold Lloyd's iconic scene in the silent film "Safety Last" (1923). One of the most famous images from the silent film era with Lloyd clutching the hands of a large ...
Sherlock Jr - 1924 - HD Movie (Buster Keaton)
A film projectionist longs to be a detective, and puts his meagre skills to work when he is framed by a rival for stealing his girlfriend's father's pocketwatch.
Buster Keaton The Frozen North 1922