Cam McHarg

Interview with, "Kicking Sand in Your Face" director/actor, Cam McHarg.
A brief interview with writer/director/actor, Cam McHarg from the AOF International Film Festival.
Cam McHarg interviewed on the Del Weston on Film Show
This is a slightly shorter and a bit choppier version than the original that aired. Most of the commercials and segues (with the exception of a movie trailer for an ...
Cam McHarg - Acting Reel
SAG-AFTRA Artist to Artist Management (818) 415-3084.
Cam McHarg - Comedy Reel
SAG-AFTRA Management - Eclectic Pictures (818) 415-3084
Cam McHarg - Acting Reel
SAG-AFTRA ATA Management Scott Faucett (818) 415-3084
A Fathers Day Salute
A salute to all the dads... Directed by Cam McHarg DP - Chris Saul Editor - Dan Dobi ...
Meet WardenCam - Your security camera app!
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Kicking Sand in Your Face
Sometimes revenge isn't so sweet. A short film by Cameron McHarg
Funny Crunch Commercial
Josh McDermitt from The Walking Dead (Dr. Eugene Porter) in an early Art Center College of Design student spec commercial before he began working as an ...
Lemmy leaves a legendary voicemail.
A few years ago, I met the late great Lemmy at a club on Sunset Blvd, and asked him if he would get on my phone, call one of my buddies, and tell him to go f*ck ...