Cameron McHarg

1 BUCK - Los Angeles - Premiere with Cameron McHarg
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Cameron McHarg AOF Festival Director
Cameron McHarg made one of our favorite films of 2009, Kicking Sand In Your Face. His dark story of pain, revenge and even more pain is funny, sad, powerful and chilling. We expect a lot...
Cam McHarg - Comedy Reel
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Cam McHarg - Acting Reel
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Cam McHarg - Acting Reel
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Cameron McKenzie-McHarg explains Motion, the new 776BC product
776BC is the new apparel partner for Rowing Austraila. Find out about their product, Motion, on this video.
A Plain Pine Box
A short documentary about the emerging green burial movement in the United States, and the emotional effects that they have it its participants. Directed by Cam McHarg for Current TV.
Fireflies - Courage Breeds Courage
This spot won the Silver Firefly at Cannes in 2010. It was the only American entry to reach the finals. Written & Directed by Cory Stubbs Cinematography by Andre Lascaris Edited by Dan Dobi...
The Stephen Rowan Show Cameron McHarg SO1 E10
In the 10th episode of the world renowned and award winning Stephen Rowan show we are joined by Cameron McHarg creator of the Triumph and Disaster podcast. We discuss growing up in small towns,...
Cam McHarg interviewed on the Del Weston on Film Show
This is a slightly shorter and a bit choppier version than the original that aired. Most of the commercials and segues (with the exception of a movie trailer for an Arnold Schwarzenegger DVD)...