Cameron McHarg

1 BUCK - Los Angeles - Premiere with Cameron McHarg
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Cameron McHarg AOF Festival Director
Cameron McHarg made one of our favorite films of 2009, Kicking Sand In Your Face. His dark story of pain, revenge and even more pain is funny, sad, powerful ...
Cameron McHarg - Directors Showreel (2018)
The End - It's The End Of The Earth As We Know It, Or Is It?
Its the end of the earth as we know it, or is it? The feel good hit of the year. A black comedy by Cam McHarg. Bitcoin Donations: ...
Cam McHarg - Comedy Reel
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Cam McHarg - Acting Reel
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Cam plays a dumb nazi guard on, "Get Tough"
Cam McHarg - Acting Reel (2018)
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Cam McHarg interviewed on the Del Weston on Film Show
This is a slightly shorter and a bit choppier version than the original that aired. Most of the commercials and segues (with the exception of a movie trailer for an ...
the end
A short film by Cam McHarg. (Best viewed with earphones so the stereo sound intended for a theatrical screening will not be missed.)