Connie Nielsen

Connie Nielsen on Shooting Wonder Woman with Chris Pine
Connie talks about her experience making Wonder Woman, the crazy fitness regimen they had on set and reveals what it was like shooting with Chris Pine. U2's Surprise Performance of “I...
'Wonder Woman': Connie Nielsen On Working With Gal Gadot | Access Hollywood
Connie Nielsen talks with Access Hollywood at the "Wonder Woman" junket about working alongside Gal Gadot in the film. Plus, she discusses the intense training regimen she did to get into killer...
Connie Nielsen's Son is Excited She's in Wonder Woman
Connie talks about how her 10-year-old son is very excited that she is in the new Wonder Woman movie and his reaction when he saw an action figure of her at Toys 'R' Us. U2's Surprise Performanc...
The Devil's Advocate(Keanu Reeves,Al Pacino,Charlize Theron,Connie Nielsen)
Адвокат дьявола (1997) + Audiomachine Lachrimae Киану Ривз,Аль Пачино,Шарлиз Терон,Конни Нильсен.
Wonder Woman Interview with Patty Jenkins, Connie Nielsen and Lucy Davis
Wonder Woman Patty Jenkins, Connie Nielsen and Lucy Davis interview and Q&A with Entertainment Weekly's Sara Vilkomerson for Today at Apple.
Connie Nielsen Did Not Watch Wonder Woman Growing Up
Connie talks about what it was like growing up in Denmark and reveals that she never saw the Wonder Woman TV Show as a kid. U2's Surprise Performance of “I Still Haven't Found What I'm...
Connie Nielsen, underwear free while promoting new superhero flick in NYC
Connie Nielsen, underwear free while promoting new superhero flick in NYC She has been dazzling with her fashion choices during the promotional tour for her new film, Wonder Woman. But Connie...
Connie Nielsen
Connie Nielsen.
Flirting With Keanu Reeves Inside the Elevator | Jordan Danfyu
Al Palcino, Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron and Connie Nielson from The Devil's Advocate.
Connie Nielsen departing at LAX Airport in Los Angeles
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