Crime scene cleaners

Crime Scene Cleaners (Full Documentary) - Real Stories
Joseph Bullman's keenly observed documentary follows entrepreneur Neil Smither as he races from crime scene to crime scene in his 24 hour a day job In California, when a person dies, it...
Crime Scene Cleaning
Documentary on Crime Scene and Trauma Scene Cleanup.
The Crime Scene Cleaners
Bringing you the very worst jobs from around the world. This video profiles San Francisco's Crime Scene Cleaners who clean, disinfect and dispose of waste at crime scenes and scenes of suicide.
A Chilling Photo Gallery Uncovering the Shocking Reality of Crime Scene Cleanup
Blood, bodily fluids, horrific smell and badly decomposed bodies – this is the reality crime scene cleaners face every single day. We're happy to announce that the summer sale has officially...
Crime Scene Cleaners | Real Life CSI
When a life ends in the worst possible way, and after the police and coroner have left, someone still has to clean up. ➡ Subscribe: About National Geographic:...
Mans Work-Crime Scene Cleaner pt3
Not for the weak-stomached. This episode finds the hapless Ashley struggling with the mental and physical challenges of cleaning up crime scenes in San Francisco. Suicides, homicides and mortuaries...
Full Length Forensic Cleaning Documentary - All Gone Extreme Clean
Full length feature documentary on the life and work of Lee Iordanidis: forensic cleaner. This film was featured in the Hannover Film Festival, Germany, in 2010. Follow All Gone Extreme Clean...
Suicide clean up (warning - very graphic)
Suicide clean up (WARNING: very graphic image of a shotgun suicide cleanup)
PL Crime Scene Cleaners & Biohazard Removal Specialist
"I Clean Up Crime Scenes For A Living.." A DISTURBING Crime Scene Cleaner Story (GRAPHIC)
THANKS FOR WATCHING ♥ Comment, Like, & Subscribe to join The Cannibal Nation! This story is very graphic and disturbing, if you can't handle it I suggest you click off NOW. *This is a No...