Dark Horse Comics

What Is Dark Horse Comics?
Ever wondered if there are other comic book publishers other than Marvel or DC? Well ill tell you exactly what this one is about! ▽Here's more!▽...
In this episode of Comic History, Roman talks about the insane and ultra-violent Origin of The Mask from Dark Horse Comics. This video was commissioned by a ...
The REAL Short Box: History of Dark Horse Comics!
In this Podcast Episode, The Gang discuss How it all started for Dark Horse. Also, in this episode, Jarrett professes his love for The Goon!
Dark Horse Comics On Comixology
Now that Dark Horse Comics are on Comixology (FINALLY!!!), Will has some suggested reading for those new to the publisher. LIKE THE SHIRT IN THIS VIDEO ...
Tour of the Dark Horse Comics Offices - From mid 90's
Tour of the Dark Horse Comics Offices - From Mid 90's Please check out our website at www.moviepropking.com and check back here each day for a new video.
Indie Comics Haul -- Dark Horse, Image, Archie, IDW, and more!
Hey guys--I'm back in the US! Stay tuned for my Philippines' vlogs, coming soon!!!!!!
Best Predator Comics (Dark Horse) - The Ones Worth Reading (Top 5)
We take a look at the best Predator comics out of a long list of comics from way back. We go over the ones that are worth seeking out and reading, unless you ...
Top 3 Aliens Comics (Dark Horse)
We get around to taking a look at our 3 favorite Aliens comics/graphic novels. All you guys asking for more Aliens stuff have won out. You learn a little history, ...
A Wandering Ronin is Ambushed by Bandits - Dark Horse Comics: Usagi Yojimbo
Based on the Dark Horse comics series Usagi Yojimbo (http://www.darkhorse.com/Search/Browse/usagi/PpwNwkt8?page=1) Learn more at ...
Good vs. Evil, Hellboy vs. the Queen of Blood - Dark Horse Comics: Hellboy: The Fury (pt. 1)
Based on the Dark Horse comics series Hellboy: The Fury (http://www.darkhorse.com/Search/hellboy+the+fury&qt=yt) Learn more at www.DarkHorse.com.