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Anna Camp Takes the Bra Off Her Back for Anna Kendrick
Ellen discovered the cast of "Pitch Perfect 3" is so close that Anna Camp offered to give up her bra for pal Anna Kendrick. Plus, their co-stars Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow also talked "serial...
‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Cast Talk Sequels with Ellen
Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, and Rebel Wilson revealed to Ellen whether there will be more "Pitch Perfect" movies.
First Celebrity Edition of Ellen's Game 'You Bet Your Wife'!
Mario Lopez and Luke Bryan hang around to help Ellen with "You Bet Your Wife," a game that'll be supersized on Ellen's #GameofGames!
Tiffany Haddish Details Her Dinners with Barbra Streisand & Taylor Swift
The breakout star of "Girls Trip" filled Ellen in about her A-list hangouts with Taylor Swift and Barbra Streisand.
Ellen Looks Back at 'When Things Go Wrong'
For her 2498th show, Ellen revisited all the hilarious times things didn't go exactly as planned.
Ellen's Royal Family Is Expanding!
Ellen couldn't wait to share the big news that her royal family is about to get a little bigger!
Ellen Gives Tiffany Haddish Her Dream Gift
Tiffany Haddish talks to Ellen about meeting Oprah Winfrey, rewarding herself, and her new book, "The Last Black Unicorn."
Ellen's New Show 'Game of Games' Leaves Jennifer Hudson Stunned
Ellen is getting ready for the special preview of her new game show, "Game of Games," on December 18th, and she managed to shock "The Voice" coach Jennifer Hudson with a sneak peek of the show!
Emotional Interview with Ellen DeGeneres on Abc
Kim Kardashian Lets Gender of Third Child Slip
Kim Kardashian accidentally revealed the gender of her third child with husband Kanye West, and Ellen helped her choose a name for the baby.