Ellen De Generes

Ellen Scares Her Staff with Her Robot
For her birthday, Ellen's writers tracked down the old animatronic robot from her Disney World ride, Ellen's Energy Adventure. Naturally, Ellen decided to scare ...
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Ellen Tests an Audience Member's Wine Knowledge
Wine tasting is always a fun activity, but how many people just use it as an excuse to drink? Ellen put an audience member to the test by quizzing her (lack of) ...
Ellen Finds Out 'What's Channing's Tatum?'
Channing Tatum inspired a brand new game that had Ellen, tWitch and executive producer Andy guessing "What's Channing's Tatum?"
Cardi B Showed Ellen How She Got Pregnant
Rapper Cardi B visited Ellen for the first time, and talked about revealing her pregnancy on "SNL," then explained just how she got pregnant... by showing photos ...
Ellen Introduces Her Stunt Double
Ellen decided to answer some questions from one particular fan to help with her project, and even shared her secret for doing dangerous stunts.
Ashton Kutcher Shocks Ellen with Huge Donation
Ashton Kutcher made a surprise visit to the show, and shocked Ellen with one of the biggest donations to The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund to date.
The Best of Dwayne Johnson on The Ellen Show
In honor of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson's new action movie “Skyscraper,” check out some of the actor's best moments on The Ellen Show!
Ellen's Audience Plays 'Epic or Fail'
From pogo sticks to pole vaulting, these clips are sure to get a reaction in this round of "Epic or Fail"!
10 Celebs Who Insulted Ellen DeGeneres ON Ellen
10 Times guests went too far on the Ellen show. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is there ...