Film Genre

Introduction to Film
An introductory look into what film genres are, what patterns they establish, and how they have changed since the Studio Era.
Genres of Film (with exampes)
Example of some main genres of film with examples. I do not own any of these clips, they belong to the film companies.
Film Theory: Introduction - Film Genres and Hollywood Ep. 1
Learn about some of Hollywood's most influential genres with Ministry of Cinema's web series Film Genres and Hollywood! In this episode, we introduce the concept of genre, as well as outline...
What is Genre? | Let's Talk Theory
Subscribe Today! ▻ Support Me On Patreon ▻ What is it about films that draw us to them. More often than not it's down to the genre of the film/show/...
Documentary lion: lion vs buffalo - Animal Film genre
Animal Film genre - Documentary lion: lion vs buffalo Subscribe channel:
Genre Examples
This is a video showing different types of genres in stories, movies and more. This video was created for educational purposes only and will not be used for any sort of profit. It falls within...
Le film de genres (Julien Pestel)
Une scène de film vue à travers le prisme de différents genres cinématographiques. Et à la fin ils chantent. Cette vidéo a été validée par Bernard Menez. AIME-NOUS :
Film Genre - The Musical
Examine how the concept of a film genre applies to musicals, in specific. See how established patterns in this genre apply as it continues to evolve and include more modern films.
Main Film Genres
I made this as part of my Film course @ UNSW. 1st year.
Film Genre introduction
This was a short video I edited together for a media course I teach on. The idea was to produce a short but visually stimulating piece of work to introduce the idea of film genres (incl....