Frank Frazetta

Greater Creators Episode | Frank Frazetta
We've got an episode of Greater Creators for you here on YouTube. Check it out here, then head over to go90 to watch more episodes: â–»ABOUT THIS EPISODE: Frank...
Understanding Frank Frazetta Part 1
Interview: Frank Frazetta: The Artist (Frank Frazetta Jr. / William Frazetta)!
What tools did Frank Frazetta use to create his art? What did Frazetta like to listen to when he worked? What were some secrets that helped Frazetta create AMAZING art? What were Frazetta's...
Frank Frazetta HD
A (possibly)NSFW look at just some of Frank Frazetta's art, set to Basil Paledoris' Riddle of Steel/Riders of Doom from the Conan The Barbarian soundtrack. I suggest viewing at 720 fullscreen...
Inking with Jeffrey Watts: Frank Frazetta Master Study
Join Jeff as he delves into the discipline of Master Studies, and works on an inking after legendary illustrator Frank Frazetta. If you enjoyed this video, visit us online at
Robert Rodriguez at the Frank Frazetta Museum
Join Robert Rodriguez and Wizard Worlds Damian Beurer in the Frank Frazetta Museum at Chicago Comic Con. is an authentic Frank Frazetta website managed by Frazetta...
Timelapse Mastercopy Painting: "Egyptian Queen" by Frank Frazetta
Full color original painting available here: I did this copy of Frank Frazetta's "Egyptian Queen" to...
Adapt Frazetta's art techniques
John Stanko recorded this video (with audio) to watch alongside his step-by-step Corel Painter tutorial of his cover, for issue 96. Grab that issue now: Get...
Fire and Ice (1983) - Ralph Bakshi & Frank Frazetta
Red-headed lady was the best character, too bad she got killed too soon.
"Secrets of Drawing" extra
We couldn't fit this part on the new "Secrets of Drawing" DVD.