George Carlin

The Best Of George Carlin
George Carlin was an American stand-up comedian, social critic, satirist, actor, writer, and an author who won five Grammy Awards for his comedy albums. Please Like Subscribe to TruthStartsNow3:...
George Carlin - List of people who ought to be killed
From "Complaints and Grievances" - 2001.
George Carlin - Euphemisms
In the age when torture has become "enhanced interrogation techniques"; when the rich are "job creators"; when murdered children are "collateral damage"; it is good to remember these brilliant...
The Hypocrisy of Politicians - George Carlin
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George Carlin --- Religion is Bullshit
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George Carlin on Fat People
UNCENSORED* George Carlin Talks About Fat People.
You Are All Diseased (Audio Only)
George Carlin - Saving the Planet
George Carlin - Saving the Planet.
George Carlin Talks About "Stuff"
George Carlin's classic standup routine about the importance of 'Stuff' in our lives. This was from his appearance at Comic Relief in 1986. Farewell George 1937-2008 http://www.HaphazardStuf...
George Carlin - on airlines and flying