Gursimran Khamba

AIB Knockout Best of Gursimran khamba 640x360
How roaming is your dil? With AIB’s Gursimran Khamba
Bombay boy, WWE fanboy, and the lynchpin of All India Bakchod, Gursimran Khamba talks strange encounters, disgusting souvenirs, and nearly causing an ...
SnG: What Are Our Fav Pet Moments Ft Khamba and Naveen | The Big Question Ep 43 | Video Podcast
Join India's favorite weekly podcast as guests Gursimran Khamba (AIB) and Naveen Richard (Them Boxer Shorts) join SnG Comedy to talk about our pets.
Gursimran Khamba Session Akkal badaam khane se nahi laat khane se aati hai @ Changing Tomorrow, ChaT 2011
All India Bakchod's Tanmay Bhat & Khamba talk Bollywood & more
Watch Part 2 here: AIB Play Never Have I Ever: All India Bakchod's Tanmay Bhat & Gursimran ...
Son Of Abish feat. Tanmay & Khamba (AIB) (FULL EPISODE)
Son Of Abish is a chat show which is shot at Canvas Laugh Factory, Mumbai. This episode features the co founders of All India Bakchod, Tanmay Bhat ...
AIB : Nails Reporters Hard | Tanmay Bhat | Gursimran Khamba
SUBSCRIBE Bollywood Cutting for Hottest Entertainment News, Features, Countdowns, Music, Trends, Celebrity Interviews and Movie Reviews. SUBSCRIBE it ...
Gursimran Khamba - I Am Offended
SUBSCRIBE to Being Indian Channel by CLICKING the Link Below - #BeingIndian originals brings you the movie I Am Offended, the film ...
Koffee with Kanan (& Khamba)
A rapid fire round of news and funny ideas; our mentors Kanan and Khamba put East India Comedy to the test.
All India Bakchod's Gursimranjeet Singh Khamba speaks to Spikes Asia
All India Bakchod's talks about AIB and the benefits of using YouTube as a global platform.