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Must Watch This! - Heidi Baker in CAP Conference 2013 (English and Español)
I was there. I strongly recommend to you if you want to be touched by God. This is video from CAP conference at American Airline Arena in Miami, Florida which was done Oct 5, 2013. King Jesus...
Naciendo a los milagros - Heidi Baker (Ensancha 2014)
Plenaria impartida por Heidi Baker “Naciendo a los milagros" en Ensancha 2014, en Casa de Dios Guatemala.
"Knowing The Ways Of God" - Heidi Baker
Heidi Baker shares miraculous stories and lessons from a life that is possessed by God. Recorded on 9/7/14. To learn more about Heidi and Iris Ministries, please visit https://www.irisglobal.org...
Heidi Baker Blind Eyes Open
Heidi Baker Blind Eyes Open.
Heidi Baker ESPAÑOL – La Fuerza del Amor | Cómo cambiar al mundo
Heidi Baker en Español Hechos 29 vivámoslo en el siglo 21. Soy Kalo S y este es mi canal de YOUTUBE Kalo S. Mi máxima pasión es la Presencia de Dios. Amo la adoración a Dios. Me gusta...
CAP OCTOBER 2014 Apostle Heidi Baker
Heidi Baker's Testimony
Here is a video testimony of what God did in Heidi Baker's life through Catch The FIre (TACF). www.catchthefire.com Video from "Fruits of Revival" DVD.
Yielding to the Holy Spirit - Heidi Baker
Heidi & Roland Baker's ministry website is located here: http://www.irisglobal.org/
Sid Roth entrevista Heidi Baker 2015
The Childen of Mozambique / Heidi Baker ministry
I love simply being with my Mozambican friends in villages and mud huts. I love to learn from them. I come as a learner first. I love the simplicity of this lifestyle. It is my joy to watch...