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Jay Jay Philips: Musician rocks out with eclectic style on his keyboard - America's Got Talent 2017
Cleveland rocker Jay Jay Phillips fastens his keyboard like a guitar, and plays a scorching tribute to his ex. » Get The America's Got Talent App: » Subscribe...
Build MIDI Controller with 400 Keys (Arduino and PC Keyboards)
How to build a 400 key MIDI controller with computer keyboards and an Arduino. Thought it would be fun to work with something a little bigger after the Bluetooth Minion Keyboard adapter toy...
Stratosphere Guitar & Keyboard!
Stratovarius - Stratosphere Dual Cover. Guitar: Paco Aranda (my brother).
Stratovarius - Holy Light Cover (Guitar & Keyboard)
Stratovarius - Holy Light played by Paco & Jose. -Guitar: Paco Aranda -Keyboard: Jose Aranda.
Finger Friendly Guitar - Keyboard
Sore fingers from playing guitar? Have you given up playing because it's just too hard? Finger Friendly Guitar is for those who thought playing guitar was too hard! Now there is a better way!
How to Play VST Guitar on Keyboard using AmpleSound AGT
A short and last-minute tutorial I made on how to play guitar on keyboard using AmpleSound's AGT plugin. You can find this plugin, among many others on
Marco Parisi shows a ROLI Seaboard Grand can almost perfectly mimic a guitar!
Paul in our guitar department didn't think a keyboard player could match his riffs, but look at his face when he's proved wrong! Thanks Marco Parisi for putting Paul in his place! For more...
Keyboard Guitar Solo SICK RIFFS!!!!
This is a song I put together for fun! Enjoy! Visit my site to learn about chord improvisation: Get connected! Faceobok:
Ronald Jenkees - Guitar Sound
Download the MP3: Shirts and CDs: **this tune is on my 2nd CD, Disorganized Fun. I named it Guitar Sound. ...
Guitar Riffs on Keyboard
Me playing Guitar Riffs on the keys, here I have Started with a downtempo, say 80BPM, n as it progresses, so the tempo.... Goes upto 250BPM plus.... Thanks to Pankaj (DJ PUNK) for video courtesy...