Keytar (Musical Instrument)

1980s Keytar Medley
Pianist and Comedian Kathryn Lounsbery arranged the most epic keytar medley of all time! Performed live at the El Portal Theater in Los Angeles, CA.
7 Songs You Might Know On Keytar (Roland AX-SYNTH)
I asked you which songs to cover, and here is a medley of 7! Can you identify them all? All instrumentation arranged and performed by me. The keytar is a ...
Roland AX Synth Demo - PMT ...
Instrument Demo - "Keytar"
Recorded September 1, 2016.
Alesis Vortex Wireless Keytar Controller Keyboard - Alesis Vortex
Order Your Alesis Vortex Keytar Controller Now at AMS! With wireless connection to popular virtual instruments, plugins, ...
Sumesh Koottickal Performing Keytar On Comedy Ulsavam Episode-159
Sumesh Koottickal Performing Keytar On Flowers TV Comedy Ulsavam.Episode-159.
Multi - Instrument Music Performance by T.Thuvarakan
T.Thuvarakan made a stunning perfomance with 7 different musical instruments; Keytar, Octapad, Miruthangam, Tabla, Ganjeera, Morsing and Udukei, in front of ...
Tour of the Roland Lucina AX-09 - Sounds
Adrian Marsi, of Roland Canada, shows off some of the sounds from a Black Sparkle Lucina AX-09 Performance Synthesizer.
Kraft Music - Korg RK100S Keytar Demo with Rich Formidoni
Find exclusive Korg synthesizer BUNDLES at Kraft Music: ...
Can Keytar sound like Guitar?
Can Keytar sound like Guitar? I talk about what works for me. There are a lot of quality options, respect to those products as well... Jump to 3:30 to hear one of ...