Keytar Cover

BEAT IT - (Michael Jackson) Keytar cover ayyyyyy
Jonathan Young's super cool keytar cover of Beat It by Michael Jackson ▻DOWNLOAD NOW: ▻ITunes: ▻Google Play: ▻Amazon: (coming soon) AVAILABLE...
"Animals" - Maroon 5 (Keytar Cover)
This is a cover of Maroon 5's song, Animals on Keytar. Enjoy ;) Website: Free Download: Subscribe! (it's free!) "Animals"...
Metallica - Enter Sandman (Awesome Keytar Cover by french artist Stephane Flach)
A hard work for this one ! Solo at 2:40.
Jonathan Young's keytar fusioncore cover of the ghostbusters theme. ▻DOWNLOAD NOW: ▻ITunes: ▻Google Play: ▻Amazon:
[Undertale] Megalovania - Keytar Cover
Third attempt of this cover! Undertale Megalovania Keytar Cover - Undertale and all its assets belong to TOBY FOX. MP3:
Michael Jackson Medley - Brett Domino - AX Synth Keytar
As some of you may have heard, a month ago today, the undisputed King of Modern Popular Music sadly passed away. This is my tribute to him. Its a massive medley of all his best songs, featuring...
"Shut Up and Dance" - Walk The Moon (Keytar Cover)
This is a cover of Walk The Moon's song, Shut Up and Dance on Keytar. Enjoy :) Website: Free Download: Subscribe! (it's free!)
Treasure, Bruno Mars - Keytar Cover
Keytar cover of Treasure by Bruno Mars. Played live on an Alesis Vortex Wireless Keytar, controlling Apple's Mainstage 3.
SONG OF STORMS (Koji Kondo) - Keytar Cover
Song of Storms. Want to help me make better music & videos? My Website: 8-Bit Shirts: Facebook:...
Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Cover - AX-Synth Keytar
A friend of mine asked me for months to do this cover with my keytar, so I did. Pardon the mistakes, I only did one take.