Lucina AX 09

Tour of the Roland Lucina AX-09 - Sounds
Adrian Marsi, of Roland Canada, shows off some of the sounds from a Black Sparkle Lucina AX-09 Performance Synthesizer.
Lucina AX-09 Sounds - Test Drive
Hi, In this video I just want to take the opportunity to show some of the great sounds that are inside the Lucina AX-09. I hope hope you enjoy. Take care, -Ed.
Roland Lucina AX 09 Full (Clean sound)
Roland Lucina AX 09 Full (Clean sound)
Roland Lucina® AX-09 Jordan Rudess SampleWiz iPad Demo
Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater uses the Lucina AX-09 synthesizer to control his popular sampling program, SampleWiz.
Brett Domino on... Roland's Lucina AX-09 keytar
Brett Domino reviews Roland's Lucina AX-09 keytar exclusively for MusicRadar, taking inspiration from Herbie Hancock and Gerry Rafferty along the way. For more on the Lucina -- and more Brett...
Roland Lucina AX-09 Lessons - The Keyboard Player
Part one in the series with Ruby Biloskirka-Conley of the Rockin' Roland Girls Band.
Roland Lucina
César Guzmán, endorsement de Roland Corporation, nos presenta el sintetizador colgable AX09 Lucina de Roland. Ingresa aquí para obtener más información del producto...
Roland Lucina Keytar performed by S4K - fast demonstration ( space4keys synth axsynth ax1 ax7 )
Roland Lucina Keytar performed by S4K ( space4keys synth demonstration )
Roland AX-09 Lucina Keytar
Roland AX-09 Lucina Keytar. Great controller, cheesey video.
Roland AX-09 Lucina
Sintetizador portátil Roland AX-09 Lucina.