Lucina AX 09

Tour of the Roland Lucina AX-09 - Sounds
Adrian Marsi, of Roland Canada, shows off some of the sounds from a Black Sparkle Lucina AX-09 Performance Synthesizer.
Lucina AX-09 Sounds - Test Drive
Hi, In this video I just want to take the opportunity to show some of the great sounds that are inside the Lucina AX-09. I hope hope you enjoy. Take care, -Ed.
Roland Lucina AX 09 Full (Clean sound)
Roland Lucina AX 09 Full (Clean sound)
Roland Lucina® AX-09 Jordan Rudess SampleWiz iPad Demo
Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater uses the Lucina AX-09 synthesizer to control his popular sampling program, SampleWiz.
Brett Domino on... Roland's Lucina AX-09 keytar
Brett Domino reviews Roland's Lucina AX-09 keytar exclusively for MusicRadar, taking inspiration from Herbie Hancock and Gerry Rafferty along the way.
Roland AX-09 Lucina Keytar
Roland AX-09 Lucina Keytar. Great controller, cheesey video.
Christopher J. Zapata with the ROLAND LUCINA AX-09 AWESOME electric guitar sound demonstration
A quick demonstration of the awesome electric guitar sound from the ROLAND LUCINA AX-09 played by Christopher J. Zapata A special thanks to STEVE ...
Roland AX-Synth® / Lucina® AX-09 - Laura Saggers Testimonial
Laura Saggers talks to Roland about using the Lucina AX-09 keytar live on stage.
Europa(Santana Cover)-Keytar Roland Lucina AX09 Agustin Lopez
Europa - Carlos Santana Cover Keytar- Roland Lucina AX09 Agustin Lopez Baez Puebla, Mexico cam1-canon SX170 cam2 - gopro hero3 white edition.
Roland AX-09 Lucina
Sintetizador portátil Roland AX-09 Lucina.