McIntosh Laboratory (Business Operation)

McIntosh MC 225 power on
McIntosh tube amps are the business. PURE/CLEAN wattage.
McIntosh Power Transformer Winding
Watch as McIntosh Quad Balanced Power Transformers are wound by the same technician, on the same machine as it has been for decades.
McIntosh Glass Faceplate Production
Each McIntosh glass faceplate gets silkscreened five separate times and meticulously checked by hand before it heads off for final assembly.
ATEP - B101-A Macintosh lab
Advance technology education park b101-a Macintosh lab I setup dual operating system Mac OS X & Microsoft Windows7 ENT. For Final cup Pro class.
McIntosh MCD7008 compact disc changer showing lights and functions operational.
Just a simple video showing the functional condition of the unit.
Vintage McIntosh MC275 Undergoing Output and THD Tests
Test equipment: Tektronix SG505 oscillator, AA501 distortion analyzer, DM502A voltmeter, 485 and 7904 oscilloscope. MC275 tube complement: 4x Genalex ...
First Mover Diana Simmons Sharing her Story of Inspiration
Featuring: Nancy McGaw, Director and Founder, Aspen Institute First Movers Fellowship; Paul Dillinger, Head of Global Product Innovation, Levi Strauss & Co.; ...
Chief Manufacturing - a family business
In 1946, the world was a drastically changing place. Americans were celebrating victory and an end to World War II, the baby boomers were being born, and ...
老麥又來分體SACD?McIntosh Ron Cornelius Interview on MCT450 and D150 (
AT&T Archives: A Modern Aladdin's Lamp, about vacuum tubes,1940
See more from the AT&T Archives at There were two versions of this film made; this is the short version. Watch for footage of ...