Media Genre

A2 Media Genre Theory
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Genre | Media AS
A short video about genre.
What is Genre? | Let's Talk Theory
Subscribe Today! ▻ Support Me On Patreon ▻ What is it about films that draw us to them. More often than not it's down to the genre of the film/show/...
Steve Neale's genre theory explained!
In this video I explain how genre can be defined, and how it changes over time. Steve Neale is a media theory often cited in media studies, film studies and creative media. His work can be...
Genre Conventions
A Level Media Coursework.
9 10 Media - Genre: Sci-Fi - Lachie, Ryan, Aurelio, Matt
After researching a range of film genres, students selected a genre to recreate. Music remains property of the original creators listed in the credits.
Media genre
Media genre analysis
Media - Questioning people on the rock genre
A2 Media - Audience Research (S.W)
The BEST Movie From Every Genre - Movie Blab
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