Happy Birthday, Meenu!
Talks about taste buds, digestion and the different organs associated with these. Discusses also about 'good and healthy food'
Cheenu And Meenu Go to See the Taj Mahal!
This lesson revises the pre-learnt addition, subtraction and multiplication and also introduces another process of division. Also establishes the connection between multiplication and addition...
Sanam meenu | sanam
Sacha Pyaar: Meenu Singh Ft. Harp Farmer (Full Song) | Desi Routz | Latest Punjabi Songs 2017
Presenting latest punjabi Song Sacha Pyaar sung by Meenu Singh. The music of latest punjabi song is given by Desi Routz while lyrics are penned by Maninder Kailey. Enjoy and stay connected...
Why Is Meenu's Cow Sad? (Hindi)
Let's Meet Cheenu And Meenu
About different family members, small, large, joint family etc. as well as how we are all different from each other.
Koluthe Meenu Official Music Video Song // CandyBox.Production
Koluthe Meenu Official Music Video Song Sing By - ArvenBboy Feats Gabby Boy Lyrics by - ArvenBboy & Hk Beat By - MGJ Production #Music Warriors Empire Crew Cast - Kzeiiboi , Logha , Nagelan...
Meenu And Cheenu Meet Little Lilliput!
Revision of various concepts learnt upto 4th including shapes, estimation, simple operations, sense of large numbers,money, loans etc.through real life situations involving fish market.
Why Is Meenu's Cow Sad?
This lesson talks about the change in techniques of farming and other agricultural practices. It also talks about conventional methods of seed saving, seed banks, natural fertilizers etc.
Meenu Buys Flowers!
Pattern writing Simple pattern following games through making rangoli, watching patters in a sari etc.