Monster Cable

Monster - Super Bowl Commercial EXTENDED VERSION
$150 Monster Cables HDMI versus $15 generic HDMI cable. Fail... tests and reviews the two cables for structural durability using a special test rig/clamping device, having tested the two cables against each other for picture quality...
Monster Cable - What’s The Difference?
Cable comparison.
Does MONSTER CABLE Stand Behind Their Warranty?
In this video I send in some failing Monster Cables and see if they stand behind their warranty. Do not send in any cables without a proper RMA. I send in a Monster Bass cable and 2 Monster...
Monster - 60 Second Commercial
Monster Cable on Clean Power
Monster Cable on the importance of clean power in creating clean sound, and of stabilizing powerline fluctuations and maintaining constant voltage to your studio gear to achieve maximum performance.
''Monster Rock'' Cable vs. ''Cheap Ass'' Cable - Shoot Outs for Your Pleasure \^^/ - PART 1
Checkout Part 2! It will confirm that Monster Cable is a lot better! I'm a bit dissapointed about the fact that the mic didn't catch the real difference...
Are Monster Cables worth the extra money?
In this video I talk about monster cables and if it is worth the extra money it takes to buy them. Hi my name is PHDworm and I do gear reviews and music and music gear commentary. If you like...
UNBOXING Monster Cable Black Platinum 4K HDMI Cable
Unboxing new Monster Cables Black Platinum HDMI cables, these are at closeout prices at Bestbuy right now so get some while they last! Sorry about the focus Issue, the camera was In auto focus...
Monster Cable Review | How They are Different
Not all cables are the same. Monster Cable uses the most sophisticated technology and bet components to make their cables. Check them out here: