Nashville Waffle House shooting suspect in custody | ABC News
The suspected gunman in the Waffle House shooting near Nashville, Tennessee, that left four dead was captured Monday afternoon, authorities said. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS:
Gunman opens fire at Waffle House outside Nashville
Nashville police identifying a person of interest, 29-year-old Travis Reinking.
Amoklauf in Nashville: Mann schlägt Attentäter in die Flucht
Der Restaurantbesucher James Shaw hat wohl schlimmeres verhindert: Bei einem Amoklauf in einem Schnellrestaurant schlug er den Attentäter in die Flucht und entriss ihm das Gewehr. Hier gibt...
Gunman kills 4 at Waffle House outside Nashville
Police are drafting murder warrants against the suspected gunman in the shooting, 29-year-old Travis Reinking. WTVF reporter Sophie Nielson-Kolding joins CBSN with the latest on the shooting...
Nashville shooting 'hero' cries during TV news conference
James Shaw Jr, who wrestled a gun from a man who killed four people in a Nashville Waffle House, broke down in tears during a press conference. Police, who are still hunting a suspect, say...
4 Dead In Mass Shooting In Nashville, Killer On The Loose
The suspect shot up a Waffle House outside Nashville. A hero has also emerged as the suspect remains on the loose. Laurie Perez reports.
Sospechoso de asesinar a cuatro personas en Nashville entró a terrenos de la Casa Blanca en 2017
Travis Reinking, el hombre de 29 años arrestado como presunto responsable de matar a cuatro personas en un restaurante de la cadena Waffle House, había sido detenido en 2017 por entrar sin...
Naked gunman kills four at Nashville Waffle House
A naked man shot and killed at least four people before a patron snatched his gun at a Waffle House in Nashville. »»» Subscribe to The National to watch more videos here:
Nashville police hold news conference
Police provide an update after apprehending a gunman suspected of killing four people and wounding several others at a Waffle House in Nashville on April 22. Subscribe to The Washington Post...
Police search for Nashville Waffle House suspect Travis Reinking
The search continues for a gunman who fled naked after killing four people at a Waffle House in Nashville. The man who snatched the rifle from him said it was a "selfish" act of self-preservation,...