Navigation Lights

How To Choose The Right Navigation Lights For Your Boat
The Coast Guard regulations for navigation lights are explained in this West Marine Buyer's Guide. For more info visit
BoatOnCourse: Nav Rules - Navigation Lights
Learn more about Navigation Lights: types, identifying, and when to giveway. #safeboating.
Navigation lights on a boat
LIGHTS on Airplanes explained by "CAPTAIN"Joe
Dear friends and followers! There are 8 different types of lights installed on an Airbus A320 In this video I´ll be explaining all the EXTERIOR lights on an Airbus ...
Vessel Lights - Self Testing
More tools on Vessel lights self-testing video slides for helping you to prepare for coxswain/master exams and orals. Just guess the object ...
Lights and Shapes Regulations
Lights and Shapes Regulations Don't Forget to Subscribe Us Like Facebook: Follow Twitter: ...
Installing navigation lights on a boat
In this video I install a set of navigation lights on a boat. We start by going through some of the theory behind the angle navigation lights should shine and how to ...
Navigation Lights - Boat Safety in NZ - Maritime New Zealand
This video identifies common night navigational lights and where they are located on a vessel. Examples include starboard, port, masthead, and stern lights.
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2 basic navigation lights
According to the International Regulations of Preventing Collisions at Sea (ColReg), navigation lights have a specific - color (white, red, green, yellow or blue), ...