RCA Connector

How to make your own RCA Cable
This Video demonstrates how to make MX RCA Cable using solder. Step 1: Strip off the outer covering using stripper Step 2: Separate the shield and organize it into single shield Remove the...
Soldering RCA
Learn how to solder an RCA connector with InfoComm University instructor, Tom Kehr. CTS-D CTS-I.
Truth about RCA signal cables
Here we discuss the circumstances of when it is appropriate to use a twisted pair RCA cable vs a Coaxial RCA cable.
How to make 1000 $ Sounding audiophile highend RCA interconnect cable for 30 $ !!!
Simple guide how to make yourself really nice 1000 $ sounding audiophile highend RCA interconnect cable for as little as 30$ !!! :) Cable: Van Damme Silver Series Lo-Cap 55: 55 p/F per metre...
RCA Compression Coax Connector Termination.mpg
Ron installs a RCA connector on RG-6 coaxial cable.
DIY Mike How To Make an Audio Interconnect I/C for under $10
How to make a great sounding audio interconnect for under $10.
Your TV's RCA, HDMI, Component and VGA Ports Explained
Kevin explains what the ports on the side of your TV do and which devices they can be connected with. Examples: VCR, computers, streaming devices, etc.
How to make your own RCA cable
http://monoprice.com Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/lWiFis RCA cable build tutorial. http://bit.ly/gylb1d & http://bit.ly/eoOtJ0. Please click the links above to get these items....
How to fix a broken RCA or monaural
How to fix a broken RCA or monaural as a last resort fix. Make sure you check the wire and make sure that it is the wire and not the device. DIY, do it yourself video. Here is a link to some...
How to screw a RCA Panel Mounting Connector on a Studio plate or rack
MX RCA SOCKET PANEL MOUNTING (GOLD PLATED) MX RCA socket with Panel Mounting design are suitable for audio-frequency (AF) applications. They are also used in radio-frequency (RF) systems at...