RCA cables

Truth about RCA signal cables
Here we discuss the circumstances of when it is appropriate to use a twisted pair RCA cable vs a Coaxial RCA cable.
Talking about Stereo RCA Cables
Pricing & availability on the Blue Jeans Cables: http://amzn.to/1Q94dhR Tartan cables: http://amzn.to/10ETNXb Talking about Stereo analog audio RCA Cable interconnects Blue Jeans Cable RCA...
Your TV's RCA, HDMI, Component and VGA Ports Explained
Kevin explains what the ports on the side of your TV do and which devices they can be connected with. Examples: VCR, computers, streaming devices, etc.
Different Types Of RCA Audio Interconnect Cables (Phonos)
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How to make your own RCA Cable
This Video demonstrates how to make MX RCA Cable using solder. Step 1: Strip off the outer covering using stripper Step 2: Separate the shield and organize it into single shield Remove the...
How To Fix Your Video Game AV / RCA Cables, or Quick and Dirty RCA / AV Cable Repair
This was a request from thesegastoner. A simple temporary fix or repair for your RCA or AV video game system cables. Please check out my other game haul, pick ups, tip, and system repair videos.
How to make 1000 $ Sounding audiophile highend RCA interconnect cable for 30 $ !!!
Simple guide how to make yourself really nice 1000 $ sounding audiophile highend RCA interconnect cable for as little as 30$ !!! :) Cable: Van Damme Silver Series Lo-Cap 55: 55 p/F per metre...
Audio Interconnect Cable Myths vs Truths Revealed
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Easy to understand, hooking up RCA, HDMI, and othe
A very easy to understand tutorial about what RCA, HDMI, coaxial and component cables do and how they are hooked up. How to hook up TV cables.
Cheap Analog RCA Audio Cable Performance and Differences
I was very critical about cables, but after this experience I've been converted into believing that there are differences when it comes to analog audio cables. These cables were all used to...