Rohan Joshi

Man, Machine and Everything In Between By Rohan Joshi
Rohan Joshi marvels about the oddest of jobs that exist only in India. Watch this comedy guru's set on #TLCQueensOfComedy to find out what these odd jobs are and how literacy is different...
Son Of Abish feat. Rohan Joshi & Ashish Shakya (AIB)
Son of Abish is a variety comedy show with host Abish Mathew interviewing Rohan Joshi & Ashish Shakya (AIB) and also featuring SUBTITLES!
SnG: What Fads Did We Hate The Most? feat. Rohan Joshi | The Big Question S2 Ep07 Part 1
We, along with Rohan Joshi, discuss some of the WORST fads to plague our generation. Continued in part 2: Reach us on Facebook:
Makeup Challenge With Rohan Joshi
Every strong relationship starts with a good foundation. Check out Celebrity Stand-Up Comedian Rohan Joshi trying his hand at applying makeup on a girl for the very first time. The results...
TGFGS 3 with Kaneez Surka Feat. Rohan Joshi, Abish Mathew, Sumukhi Suresh
'How good is your knowledge about things in general and other things generally?' THE GENERAL FUN GAME SHOW is a gameshow that is fun and general. This month - watch the three new sexy contestants...
#SexyAndIKnowIt -Beepsode 01
Hold on to your nerves. The much awaited first webisode of #SexyAndIknowIt is here. Watch now!
AIB | Tanmay Bhat & Rohan Joshi On Yaar Mera Superstar Season 2 - Part 1
Yaar Mera Superstar Playlist Diljit & Anushka | Phillauri | Yaar Mera Superstar - Full Episode
Rohan Joshi - I Drink Beer Not Whiskey
Why are beer drinkers far superior to whiskey aficionados and winos? Indian comic Rohan Joshi shows us the light as he dissects what your alcohol tendencies might say about you (for better...
SnG: Whom Would You Like To Have A Beer With? feat. Rohan Joshi | The Big Question S2Ep12 Part 1
Rohan Joshi joins us once again as we discuss all the people, living or dead, fiction or non-fiction, whom we would like to grab a drink with. Reach us on Facebook:
Evoke 2015: Democracy - Rohan Joshi on freedom of expression
Watch Rohan Joshi's delightful talk on the importance of freedom of expression and the futility of banning any form of media in the digital age.