My Vintage Audio Collection....Fisher, Pioneer, Marantz, Kenwood, Nikko, Sansui, HH Scott, Magnavox
Here it is! Over 75 pieces of vintage audio gear!
Sansui Stereo Commercial 1978
There's music in the name!
Sansui Home Audio Systems (HD)
1980's and after best of audio devices from Sansui brand. Including list of the devices. Left side : RA-990,,CD-190,,SE-99,,D-505R,,D-770R Right side : P-L50,,AT-20,,RG-900R,,SE-80,,RG-7X-TU-S55X,,...
Sansui Speakers Demo
Sansui Speakers Demo Rare SANSUI SP-Z6 speakers in great shape. SANSUI SP-Z6 SPECS: Speakers used ....4-way 4-speaker-type Woofer ......323 mm (12-3/4") Cone-type Midrange ..128 mm (5-1/32")...
Sansui VS Akai Sound Comparisons
Chris Gorman - Honky Tonk - At The Movies - The Pink Panther.
Sansui g-22000 2015
Qua cơn mê - Bộ đôi Sansui QRX - 5500,Optimus - 0941.891.914
Mr. Hoang Anh, Mr. Minh: Loa, Amply, CD,MD,Dàn âm thanh Nhật bãi - 0941.891.914 & 091.680.1187 (zalo+viber+face). - Website: - Kênh youtube:
JAPANESE VINTAGE SANSUI INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER AU-11000A ASSISTA EM 720P Excuse me the photographic camera does not support the acoustic intensity distorting the audio recorded .. recording...
Test Sansui 907nra + JBL L7
My Sansui 1980's Vintage Stereo hooked to my iPhone in my shop.
This video doesn't do it justice. This thing sounds amazing. Not to mention its playing through my iPhone!