Sunday Star Sattack

Varun Dhawan & Shraddha Kapoor - ABCD2 - Sunday Star Sattack
Red FM ke studio mein aaj mana happy hour, catch the star of Disney ABCD2​ having a gala time. The amount of fun they are having is a treat to us!
Sunday Star Sattack - Red FM awards Akshay Kumar | Rustom
Sunday Star Sattack - Sidharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif
Amitabh Bachchan with RJ Malishka - Shamitabh on Sunday Star Sattack (Part 1)
How does one introduce someone whom everyone.. yes.. EVERYONE knows? Malishka tries her hand at introducing Amitabh Bachchan on this week's ...
Pritam Pyaare - Sunday Star Sattack Part 1
Pritam bachpan mein kya ek brat tha? Kitna shararti tha? Let's see what his school-teachers have to say about him on #SundayStarSattack with Malishka ...
Pritam Pyaare with RJ Malishka on Sunday Star Sattack
Is hafte ka #SundayStarSattack hai ek family special – because 93.5 Red FM family ka ek chahita member Bigg Boss house se laut aaya hai! Malishka ke saath ...
Anushka Sharma for NH10 - Sunday Star Sattack - Part 1
An introduction by Malishka to the NH10 team - style aisa that matches the personas of Anushka Sharma and Neil Bhoopalam. #SundayStarSattack ...
Pritam Singh on Sunday Star Sattack with RJ Malishka
This week's #SundayStarSattack with My Malishka gets you even more closer to apna Pritam Singh! Get a taste of what's in store on the show, right here.
Pritam Pyaare - Sunday Star Sattack Part 3
Before he became your friendly neighbourhood RJ and Bigg Boss star Pritam, he was neighbour to many of the residents at Sethi Apartments in Nashik.
Team Badlapur on Sunday Star Sattack - Promo
Revenge is sweet, but does revenge have two feet? The team of Badlapur Film jams with Malishka on this week's Sunday Star Sattack Check out the teaser ...