The Chipettes (Musical Artist)

The chipettes - No (music lyrics video)
this video made with the help of my sister Laiz& miller hope you like thanks for watching Thank you guys, this is my most viewed video. I'm very happy for the 600000 views, thank you. time:??(I...
The Chipettes - Single Ladies [Put A Ring On It]
The official video for The Chipettes "Single Ladies [Put A Ring On It]" from the motion picture soundtrack. Eat your heart out Beyonce, these girls are giving you a run for your money! Share...
The Chipettes feat. Queensberry - The Song (Official Video)
The Chipettes feat. Queensberry - The Song The official video for The Chipettes "The Song" from the motion picture soundtrack. Watch this exclusive video of The Chipettes and Queensberry record...
The Chipettes - Blank Space (Lyric video)
Well, after a while without making a video in full Spanish wanted to make this video, so here it is, I just hope you like this style :3 Song: Blank Space Artist: taylor Swift Cover: Ali Brutosfki.
Special 3000 Subs!!! Turn Up The Music! by Chipmunks and Chipettes!
3000 Subs!!! THANKS!! Title: Turn Up The Music Artist: Chris Brown Official video:
The Chipmunks & The Chipettes - Survivor (with lyrics)
I'm not dead people! =P More songs coming soon! Join our forum! - - - The Chipmunks & The Chipettes © Bagdasarian Productions I don't own the characters or the song itself.
The Chipmunks & The Chipettes- We Are Family (Movie Version) w/ lyrics
I watched the Squeakquel recently and decided I'd make this video. I found that the movie version has some of the chipmunks singing different lines, so I added colour coded lyrics to the scene...
The Chipmunks & The Chipettes - Home (with lyrics)
Descriptions are important and you should always read them... Just saying, y'know. Don't be jerks. Re-uploading videos is stupid. This video should be watched only on this channel. (And that...
.:: Chipmunks & Chipettes - Home (You Are My) ::.
With the new Chipmunks movie only 6 days away, I thought that I would do the ending song for it :) Also...if you want Lyrics go to this video: (AND...
Getting Lucky - The Chipettes