The Ellen Show

The Best of Ariana Grande on The Ellen Show
In honor of Ariana Grande's latest album release, “Sweetener,” here are the best moments of the pop superstar on “Ellen.” Ariana talks about her 2016 MTV ...
Ellen Takes Her Workout Routine to the Show
Ellen has a busy schedule, so she's using her show to stay in shape, and you probably won't even notice that she's working out.
Cardi B Showed Ellen How She Got Pregnant
Rapper Cardi B visited Ellen for the first time, and talked about revealing her pregnancy on "SNL," then explained just how she got pregnant... by showing photos ...
Ellen Explains Why It's Getting Harder for Passengers to Fly
Ellen has noticed, from "standing seats" in airplanes to ticketing passengers in "cargo class," airlines keep pushing the bounds of human decency.
Ellen Introduces 'Hunk Tac Toe'
Why play regular Tic Tac Toe when you can have hunks in the squares? Find out what happened when Ellen recruited a bunch of hot guys for a new game ...
Ellen's Audience Attempts to Sing Camila Cabello's "Havana"
Ellen's audience's heart may be in Havana, but their lyrics are nowhere to be found. Check it out as they attempt to sing Camila Cabello's hit song "Havana."
Ellen Has a Few Questions for the Psychic Banana
The gender of Kate Middleton and Prince William's baby was correctly predicted by a psychic banana, but will the fruit work when Ellen asks it questions?
Ellen Scrolls Through Fans' Instagram Accounts
Ellen didn't need to ask her studio audience what they did over the weekend... she'd already gone through their Instagram accounts!
One-Eyed Monster!
Ellen debuted a brand new game of monstrous proportions!
Ellen Finds an Incredibly Flexible Audience Dancer
Ellen has a lot of talented fans, but she's never met anyone like this nanny, who showed off her circus and dance moves for the crowd.