Captain Vinod Nair on Simply Shekhar
Celeb guest Captain Vinod Nair on the uber popular Simply Shekhar.
Author Vinod Nair states about his new book "PRIDE OF LION" that hovers around the ambition that lacks in youth of today.He is so imperative about book that gospels the young generation of...
Book Launch of Pride Of Lions By Vinod S. Nair - 1
Inefficiency and corruption eat into the Indian system like an unstoppable cancer at all levels today. Aware but completely helpless, a frustrated group of students debate and question their...
Captain Vinod Shankar Nair- Building A Futuristic Approach For Success
Do you want five minutes of enjoyment now or a lifetime of enjoyment later? Watch what #CaptainVinodShankarNair has to say on it in the 60th Annual Conference of #ASISC held in Jaipur. Also,...
Captain Vinod Nair program - how to run a marathon
Clip of Captain Vinod Nair doing a long run: This is a training video meant for understanding posture, breathing and limb movements with landing during a long distance run. Observe carefully...
Sexy Tulip Joshi poses with Vinod Nair at the re-launch of 'Enigma'
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Tulip Joshi and Husband Vinod Nair work together
Tulip Joshi and Husband Vinod Nair work together Subscribe to Chardikla Time T.V for daily entertainment dose
Vinod Nair in a Short Film
19th April at a Railway Platform - Short Film. Performed the role of a Drunkard Husband.
Vinod G. Nair - Behind The Scenes @BPFT2011
Vinod G. Nair - Behind The Scenes @BPFT2011, MD at Clear PR let me do a quick shot between press conferences at the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, so much fun!
Nobody expected that these 8 couples will get marry!
Nobody expected that these couples will get marry! 1. Sridevi and Boney Kapoor The couples looks odd with each other. As no one thought that they will get marry. But, destiny has its own...