Wing Scan Lights

LIGHTS on Airplanes explained by "CAPTAIN"Joe
Dear friends and followers! There are 8 different types of lights installed on an Airbus A320 In this video I´ll be explaining all the EXTERIOR lights on an Airbus A320. Where they are installed...
3d Scanning Bird Wings
Dr. Graham Doig and Cal Poly aerospace engineering student Brandon Baldovin head to the LA Natural History Museum to make 3d scans of pelican and condor wings that will later be turned into...
Time Lapse | Programing Lighting on the GrandMA2
Programed on a GrandMA2 Command Wing X2 Martin Mac250s X2 Clay Paky Mini Scan HP3s X7 Chauvet Slim Par RGBAs X10 Generic fixtures
Walmart robots: Walmart using robots to help human staffers scan shelves - TomoNews
BENTONVILLE, ARKANSAS — Walmart is enlisting automated help to improve out-of-stock issues and mislabeled items. Reuters reports that the robots are equipped with a camera and lights tha...
MA onPC command wing | Quick Start [EN] - Part 1
Illuminating Japanese Dekotora Trucks
Check out the elaborate Dekotora trucks of Japan. Japanese culture has many unusual facets. Among them are the Dekotoras or "decoration trucks". The vehicles are flashy to say the least,...
Beyoncé - All Night
LEMONADE the Visual Album Available Now! iTunes: TIDAL:
How to replace wing turn signal (indicator) repeater bulb - Audi A6 (C6 4F)
This video shows how easy it is to change bulb in your wing turn signal (indicator). If your indicator unit is broken, please check this eBay page that will give you part number and lots of...
Scancommander with 6x Roboscan Pro 918 & 4x MAC250+
Disco-Lightshow performed with MA Lighting Scancommander and a few Martin Fixtures.
Introduction to the Scancommander - 001
A brief history and layout of the MA Lighting Scancommander. This is the first in a series of operational tutorials for this historical lighting controller.