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SPOTIFY: http://bit.ly/aamirchoice APPLE: http://apple.co/2o3KC6q My New song "Choice" Follow me: https://www.facebook.com/aamirrnb https://twitter.com/aamirrnb https://instagram.com/aamirrnb https://soundcloud.com/aamirrnb Written by Aamir S., Adejoh D. Produced by Aamir S. Mixed by Justin S. R&B, contemporary R&B, new rnb 2017 LYRICS: V1 My phone won't stop blowing up Another call from you so I ask what's up You wanna know if I'm seeing her Who you talking about you said "check your social media" It's just an acquaintance from a party We only kicked it, ain't nothing in it So what if she just posts a picture You're the only one I share my bed with I'm cool with what I got don't need no bullshit PRE HOOK You think I'm lifting other skirts (na na) Checking other girls (na na) I appreciate your worth (uh huh) I won't put you through that hurt HOOK So don't ask about so and so Don't worry about if I'll stay, if I'll go cuz Girl I made my choice (2x) You don't have to think twice Losing sleep staying up all night I'm stingy I don't share I'm all about you that's why I'm here Girl I made my choice (2x) You don't have to think twice Losing sleep staying up all night V2 I don't have to wonder If you still think that I want her I understand we've been here before But that don't mean that you've never been wrong I won't ask you what you're doing Or who you were hanging with just last evening I just don't give a damn to ask you I'm the only one you share you bed with If I ain't messin with her I don't need to hear it

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